Print customised journey plans

Print customised journey plans

Product Update - Version 1.0.1

Take your customer service to the next level by building a customised journey plan in Busable's customer journey planner and then printing it on A4 paper with map and timetable information.

You can print multiple maps so that you can show exactly where you customers need to board, alight and make any in-between transfers.

Read more here on how to use this new highly requested feature.

Minor Enhancements

This release includes a few minor enhancements

  • Company logo, journey plan summary and date now displays on journey planner print outs
  • You can now integrate the school list directly onto your website with new embed scripts in the "Settings" page
  • Time window for transfers increased from 30mins to 60mins
  • The journey planner now displays only the selected journey plan
  • Duplicate transfers can no longer be incorrectly created

Bugs Fixed

  • Map no longer zooms out automatically when hovering over journey plan results
  • Sorting by "least walking" on the journey plan now sorts correctly
  • Journey plan no longer displays incorrect journey durations when planning to a school destination