Transfers, Journey Planner, Timetables, Shift Bat Enhancements + More

Transfers, Journey Planner, Timetables, Shift Bat Enhancements + More

Product release version 2.7.0

We hope everyone is having a fantastic new year. We're ringing in the new year with a tonne of new enhancements we hope you'll love! 💥

We know changes to our software can be overwhelming at times.
Please contact our support team for a 30 min training session. We'd love to show you how these new features can make your job easier.

What's New

  • Transfer enhancements: Manage transfers in service details or points. A much simpler experience to create and manage multiple transfers (read more...)
  • Journey planner enhancements: View next journeys instead of showing the dreaded "No journeys found". New filter option to "avoid school services" (read more...)
  • Customer Service timetables enhancements: View timetables based on a date. View transfers on the map. Filter timetable list by route number, name or stop name (read more...)
  • Shift bat enhancements: New driver break options. Driver labels for transfers (e.g. Transfer to "Rabbit" instead of "S123") (read more...)
  • Performance boost: New "super snappy mode" (currently in beta) that improves page load times. Opt-in required in Settings to enable (read more...)

Transfer Enhancements

Edit transfers for a service at a selected stop point and view transfers on the map


Edit all transfers at a transfer stop point


Journey Planner Enhancements

The journey planner now automatically returns next services if there are no more services in the specified time window.


Service Timetable Enhancements

Service timetable filters

Easily find services text filtering by route number, route name or stop point names. In addition, you can also now filter for services by operating date.


Viewing transfers on map

Easily view service transfers on the map


Shift Bat Enhancements

Driver transfer labels

Display either the route number or trip head sign in the shift bat for transfer labels.

This is great for school bus drivers who identify school service by animal names instead of TfNSW's "S" school numbers.


New driver break options

New driver break options "Crib", "Meal", "Shift Split".
Meal and Shift Split breaks are excluded in the total shift durations on the shift bat summary table.


Performance Boost 🚌💨

We've lifted the hood and made major system-wide performance improvements.
Busable should now feel a lot more snappy and responsive! We've been using it and loving it, and we hope you do too.

You will need to opt-in to enable this performance mode. Go to Settings > Account > Application > Enable super snappy performance

🛠️ Other Enhancements

  • 2024 and 2025 School Term, Holiday & Public Holiday calendars are now available
  • UI updates:
    • Reload app from main navigation menu
    • Removed "Add new transfer" from Transfer list module. New transfers are created in either service details or points
    • Service details options "Show seconds" moved to bottom of timetable and now always accessible
    • Service transfer list is now easier to read with absolute set-down arrival and pick-up departure times

🐞 Bugs Squished

  • Shift bat timings now work correctly. Timings can be manually updated for point rows (BUS-871, BUS-889)
  • Fixed an issue where some regular route with lots of service timetables were not being returned in the journey planner results (BUS-960)
  • Fixed an issue with point links disappearing when unlinking multiple points at the same time (BUS-867)
  • Fixed issue with multiple points being created at the same time (BUS-888)
  • Fixed shift bat Left/Right re-generation loading issue (BUS-881)
  • Fixed issue adding some services in the shift bat (BUS-882)
  • Validations in service list now match service details (BUS-756, BUS-815))
  • Fixed minor issues with route builder feature in service details (BUS-854)
  • Fixed an issue linking Mapable with Busable accounts (BUS-805)
  • Fixed an issue with Mapable timetable stop times showing errors (BUS-905)
  • Improved the performance of service list searching (BUS-872)