Route Builder, Venue Timetables + More

Route Builder, Venue Timetables + More

Product update - Version 2.6.0

This month's product update includes more route builder enhancements for building detours and more complex route paths.

As 2023 comes to close with parties and 2024 opens up with festivals, Busable now supports venue timetables and journey planning. You can now embed your bus services on event websites and venue websites. It's party time! 🎉

As always, if you spot any issues or quirks, please drop us a note.

Route Builder Enhancements

We have improved the route builder to assist with more complicated route building.

A snap-to-road guide path now displays when building routes. Furthermore, you can now route build over existing route paths.


Creating route path variants and detours has been simplified using the guided route path builder.

Add New Stops from Route Builder

You can now easily add new stops during route building


Venue Timetables

Curate timetables for events and venues. Create venue points, link bus stops to the venue, add venue opening and closing times.


Venue timetable list are automatically curated based on venues captured in Busable. Customer journey planning takes into account the venue opening and closing time to ensure your customers have all the information they need to get to and from venues.

🛠️ Other Enhancements

  • Significant performance improvement when loading the shift bat list
  • Optimise waypoints tool added to route edit. Improve application performance by reducing the number of waypoints in route paths
  • Filter points by "No stop codes" and "Point types"
  • Export filtered points to a .csv file

🐞 Bugs Squished

  • Fixed Left/Right turns on shift bat (BUS-777)
  • Fixed issue where a small number of shift bats were not loading (BUS-843)
  • Fixed issue where service validations on service list were not match service detail validations (BUS-846)