Timetable TODIS Compliance + More

Timetable TODIS Compliance + More

Product update - Version 2.5.0

This month's product update includes service timetable enhancements and additional TODIS compliance validations to reduce TODIS compliance failures.

Timetable Enhancements

We've added features to assist with updating arrival and departure times to comply with TODIS exports.

Update the start time of a trip without automatically updating all subsequent stop times on the timetable.


You can now add 'seconds' to timetables.

In cases where stops are very close to each other, 'seconds' are needed to resolve excess speed validations.


🛠️ Other Enhancements

  • A parent route name can now be added against a route variant
  • Speed check validation added to service timetables to assist with TODIS and Google validation rules

🐞 Bugs Squished

  • Fixed an issue where transfers were showing duplicate times on the shift bat for transfer points that appears more than once on a service.
  • Resolve an issue where validation errors were not being triggered where the stop point is more than 20m from the route path (REF-001)