Mapping routes

Mapping routes is as simple as 1-2-3 using Mapable. Finished routes are automatically uploaded to your Busable account.

Please ensure you have linked your mobile device to your Busable account using instructions here
  1. Open the Mapable app and navigage to "Mapper"
  2. Click "Start Mapping"
  3. Add your route details and click save
  4. To add a stop, click the red "+" button located on the bottom right
    Note: The app will automatically try and add a human readable address using Apple's reverse geo-coding. You can click on the stop icon on the map to update the stop name and add any comments.
  5. Click the red pause button on the bottom left to pause route mapping
  6. To continue route mapping, click the red play button
  7. To finish and upload the route to Busable, click the "Finish" button.