School Operating Calendars + more

School Operating Calendars + more

Product update - Version 1.1.0

Public calendars for school terms, school holidays and public holidays

You can use publicly available calendars to include or exclude in your operating calendars for the scheduling of route services. These calendars are sourced from publicly available sites such as the NSW government website. Refer to our learning guide here for more information.

Public operating calendars

Service & School Timetable Enhancements

You spoke, we listened. The school timetable has been improved so that it is more easier to use for your customers.

  • Filter for AM or PM services or view all services.
  • PM and AM school timetables will start or end respectively with the school stop instead of showing the full route service timetable.
  • Stop sequence numbers display in both the map and the timetable
  • You can now configure in "Settings" whether to display departures times against all stops or just timing point stops only on both the route service and school timetables.

Other Minor Enhancements

  • See the number of trips against each operating calendar in the drop down list in the route details timetable module.
  • See the "Driver Shift" of a route variant in the "Routes" list
  • Hover over account logo to show the current region name of the account

Defects Fixed

  • Fixed issue where the menu navigation wasn't displaying after logging in