Shared Points, Driver Shift Swaps + More

Shared Points, Driver Shift Swaps + More

Product release version 2.9.0

In this release, we introduce:

  • Shared points from government agencies
  • New tools for points (measure + stop radius)
  • SixMap layer address and POI layers
  • Shift bat driver shift swaps

Shared points

We've made managing stop point data even easier with integration to TfNSW stop data and new stop point tools.

Throw away those clunky excel stop data spreadsheets and:
1. Easily build and update service routes using shared points
2. Identify and visually compare points that are mismatched to stop points
3. Merge existing stop points to shared points
4. Quickly export points that need updating


New tools for points

You can now measure distances from points. This is useful when determining stop distances from road intersections for stop naming.


Points also display point arrival/departure radius, defaulted to 25 metres. You can now ensure stop points are positioned correctly along the road to ensure accurate stop arrival and departure radius tracking.


Additional map layer information

TfNSW Six Maps layer now displays offical addresses and Points-of-Interests from the NSW Spatial Data Hub.

Shift Bat driver shift swaps

Trim the start or the end of a service in a shift bat. This is useful for creating a driver shift swap at a stop point along the service or at a driver relief point on the map.


🛠️ Other Enhancements

    • Planable > Points
      • Map pans and zooms to the selected point from the points list
      • New keyboard shortcut 'E' to edit points
      • New keyboard shortcut "Delete" to delete points
      • Search points by address, POI and latitude/longtitude
    • Rosterable > Shift Bats
      • "Dead-runs" are now renamed to "Special". Please note: This only applies to new or edited dead-run rows.

🐞 Bugs Squished

  • Merging stop points now updates transfers (BUS-1204)
  • Fixed dead-run calculating as 0.0m in some rare cases on the shift bat (BUS-1187)