Shift Bat Printing Layouts + More

Shift Bat Printing Layouts + More

Product release version 2.8.0

Based on overwhelming feedback, we're thrilled to introduce shift bat print layout templates.

You can now also search and add stops directly to service timetables.

Shift Bat Print Layouts & Templates

Print shift bats in 2 new layouts with 3 visual densities.


Add stop points to timetables

Build routes by adding stops directly to the timetable


šŸ› ļø Other Enhancements

  • Shift bat services ordered by trip start time
  • General UI enhancements
    • UI enhancements to shift bat labels in the shift bat list

šŸž Bugs Squished

  • Fixed issues with TODIS export with duplicate trips (BUS-1072)
  • Fixed issue where stops do not highlight on the map (BUS-1162)
  • Fixed issue where moving a stop doesn't persist in the new location (BUS-1165)