Made for TCB + TODIS Validations + More

Made for TCB + TODIS Validations + More

Product update - Version 2.4.0

Our goal is to simplify and optimise on-boarding and ongoing data maintenance for our TODIS enabled bus operators.

At Busable, our engineers are ex-TfNSW with years of experience developing and processing TODIS submissions from bus operators.

In this release, we introduce powerful time-saving features to make TODIS submissions successful first time, every time. That is our ongoing commitment to our customers.

Did you know TODIS stands for Transport Operational Data Interface Specification.

It's just a fancy way for software like Busable to send scheduled service data to TfNSW's operational & spatial data (OSD) systems.

TODIS Submissions Simplified

TODIS data validations are embedded directly into Busable to save you time and headache trying to decipher cryptic TODIS submission errors from TfNSW.

You can find a list of implemented validations here and TfNSW's TODIS submission guidelines for operators here.


Driver Friendly Shift Bats

We have made shift bats easier to read with larger printed fonts and visual guides so drivers can see when services start and finish.

🛠️ Other Enhancements

  • Scanning a QR code on the shift bat will inform drivers and depot managers if the shift bat is out of date and requires a re-print.
  • Driver turn directions on the shift bat now abbreviate common street suffixes (e.g. 'Street' to 'St', 'Road' to 'Rd', 'Highway' to 'Hwy' etc)

🐞 Bugs Squished

  • Points now merge correctly to points with a point code (e.g. a TSN stop code ID issued by TfNSW)
  • Dead-run durations on the shift bat can now be set to zero mins to accomodate very short dead runs.
  • Printed shift bats now display the service details and driver instructions correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the colour of the shift bat run number background is not reflected in the shift bat list