Heroly Chour

Timetable TODIS Compliance + More

Product update - Version 2.5.0 This month'

Wayfinding Guidelines

Made for TCB + TODIS Validations + More

Product update - Version 2.4.0 Our goal is

Operator TODIS Data Interface Guideline

Validation Reference Codes

Ref Code Validation REF-001 Stop point is more than 20m

Print Shift Bat, Bulk Stop Importer + More

Product update - Version 2.3.0 This month we

Bulk Import Stop Points

Shift Bats - Product Release 🎉

By popular request we are excited to announce our Shift

Route editing made simple + TODIS export enhancements

Product update - Version 2.1.0 Here at Busable,

Building and editing route paths